205-North To Alaska

I swear to God this really happened. I was sitting in my office at the university and typing on the computer. In the background I had Bela Fleck playing their tune “Sinister Minister.” Half way through the recording, old school country western recording singer Johnny Horton  spliced into the the Fleck recording and began to sing his 1961 hit “North to Alaska.” Just as soon as he began to sing, Horton stopped and the Fleck recording resumed. I immediately stopped what I was doing and started the Fleck tune over trying to find where the Horton file had been spliced. I played the Fleck recording three more times all the way through, each time failing to find any trace of the Horton tune. I searched my audio catalog – I didn’t own the Horton recording (and hadn’t heard it in forty years). I also did a hard drive search for any stray stray audio files. No luck. I don’t know how to explain it. I told some of my colleagues and one of them told me, “It’s not dark enough for you to start going crazy.”

I went and downloaded the Horton recording and did my own splice in the the Fleck recording just as I heard it. The only difference, is the Fleck tune played for a couple of minutes before the Horton incident, and a long way after. This is the shortened version. But you will get the idea.