210-Meeting Moose – Anchorage, AK

This is one of the only cities in America where moose roam freely throughout the city. Apparently they will be in herds in the city come winter as the higher mountain vegetation grows thin. Moose are very dangerous animals. More people are hurt and killed by moose than by bear in Alaska. Bears generally stay out of the city, but you may find a moose on your front porch wanting to play. This sign is posted in one of the city parks. It shows two moose. The one on the left is a “pissed” moose. Ears down, back neck hair up – and you are going to get your ass kicked. Run like Hell because this boy is angry and he’s gonna get you. The moose on the right is a “what are ya doin’, let’s play” moose. Ears up, happy smile (if you can tell when a moose is smiling) and walking towards you. You are not in danger at this point, but move away slowly and don’t be alarmed if the moose keeps following you and has decided you are going to play with him. Either way, these are big dumb animals that can be ten feet tall and weigh up to 1,500 pounds. You don’t want that pissed at you, nor do you want to play.

mooseLooks like an ad for the moose version of eHarmony.