216-Blog Readers Around The World

I just installed some new tracking software on my blog to let me know from what region of the country my readers are. I have a short list of friends I send emails to when a bunch of new posts are up. So, I thought this blog was sort of a private deal with just my friends. Apparently not! As you know the internet is not private so anyone can check this stuff out. But, I was surprised that only three days after installing this tracking software, I was getting hits from these places:

Sydney, Australia
Manila, Philippines
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Hong Kong, China
Bogota, Columbia
Krakow, Poland
Bucharest, Romania
London, England
Paris, France 

So, if you are out there and reading this blog, let me know who you are. I would love to make a new friend in a far away place. Or maybe this crazy blog will inspire you to visit Alaska or some of the other places I have been. Hope to hear from you.