223-Prison Orchestra – Alaska

All of us have been to a concert featuring our favorite musical organization and left the show proclaiming “I would kill to be in that group.” Well, that statement is true for many of the members of the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center String Orchestra.

Most members of the orchestra never played an instrument before incarceration and learned to play while visiting the facility for an extended period of time. The women at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center currently have participants in all three levels of music: beginning, intermediate and advanced. The concert mistress achieved her prominent chair by beating out or eliminating all of her competition.

The orchestra will perform selected numbers from some of the lighter works of Beethoven, Brahms, and Schubert. These pieces will include such dance movements as the gavotte, minuet, bourree, sarabande, and courante. They will also feature such local dance favorites as murder, larceny, aggravated assault, and that Alaskan favorite – mayhem.