242-Blue Dog – New Orleans

I just don’t get this blue dog thing. I know the artist has made millions with his copyright on the blue dog icon, but what else can you do? I see this repetition of the “one trick pony” syndrome as the dumbing down of art appreciation. I also don’t get it when I walk into an art gallery and see a stack of one artist’s work and they are all the same painting. I may not be famous or wealthy from my art, but at least I have never done the same piece of art twice. Okay, I did once – but that was for money.

Alright, I prostituted myself only once. Does that make me an art whore? I only did it for the money to feed my children and to pay for my college education. It’s not a life style for me, just a part-time avocation. I really didn’t enjoy it, I just closed my eyes and waited for the art to end. But, when it was over I realized I kind of liked it. I enjoyed the adulation from a satisfied customer and his promise to share my phone number with others. Okay, I’m secretly waiting for my phone to ring and for my next trick. I realize I have an art itch where I can’t itch and need scratching. How easy it is to get on that slippery slope of the degradation of one’s soul to become an art whore – come on blue dog!

dog1A four-headed dog. Isn’t this the mark of the beast?