244-Love Ship – New Orleans

I have found my dream ride! I never thought of a Ford Taurus as an intergalactic love machine to take me around the world a few times. But I guess I could go through a couple of tanks of gas with the appropriate linkage to my shifter. This extraterrestrial speeder has four-on-the-floor, high lift suspension, newly aligned front end, twin headlights with sealed-beam silicon construction, the smallest windshield washer fluid tank available on a mid-size production vehicle, a huge engine plus disc brakes for those moments of high speed and immediate stopping, the ability to go for hours on a few inches of fuel, safety belts for that critical moment of weightlessness, and the technical specifications to go full speed ahead in forward or reverse. This rocket-propelled love shack also has massive heat shields for the inevitable re-entry.

I wanted to take this vehicle out for a test drive, but I wasn’t able to come a knockn’ because the vehicle was a rockin’. So much for the New Orleans space program.

love_ship2I thought this was the only love ship in New Orleans.