245-Lakeview 2007 – New Orleans

The Lakeview area of New Orleans was one of the most devastated sections of the city. The failure of the 17th Street Canal by the incompetent US Corp of Engineers and the corrupt New Orleans Levee Inspection Board resulted in total destruction to the area. I had friends who lived in Lakeview who lost everything. Their houses were underwater for over three weeks. There was nothing to salvage after the water was finally pumped out.

I visited this area to see the progress being made to restore the homes and businesses. There was construction everywhere. Many of homeowners have returned to rebuild but many have left New Orleans for good and walked away from their properties. Here is a short photo montage of some of the good and not-so-good goings on in the Lakeview area.


lakeview8This view is all over the area. Completely rebuilt next to flooded and moldy shell.


lakeview6SPCA also left their marks searching for pets.

lakeview5Home still with National Guard search information on front door.


lakeview3Rebuilding while still living in a FEMA trailer.

lakeview2Water line still visible on door on a home that has not been repaired.

lakeview1I used to go to a restaurant that sat on these pilings.