246-St. Bernard 2007 – New Orleans

The St. Bernard area of New Orleans had no protection from the tidal serge come from the right of the map. Too much of the wetlands have been destroyed so a wall of water 10 – 20 feet high flooded this area and remained for weeks. Construction abounds in this area, but with no protection from a levee, barrier, or wetlands, it is only time before another weather incident devastates this area. Many believe this area should not be rebuilt. Here is a short photo montage of some of the good and not-so-good goings on in the St. Bernard area.



sb6Too many homes look like this even though rebuilding is going on.



sb3FEMA trailer parks still exist.

sb2Rebuilding while still in a FEMA trailer.

sb1The last time I saw this furniture warehouse it had stacks of flooded couches and chairs piled thirty feet high across the parking lot. It was truly mountain of furniture.