249-City Park 2007 – New Orleans

New Orleans City park was once one of the most beautiful and gracious parks in the country. The park proudly housed the fine New Orleans Museum of Art, a world-class sculpture garden, golf course, lakes, and miles of tree-lined riding and walking trails. Hurricane Katrina devastated the park destroying hundreds of the majestic live oaks, the botanical gardens, picnic areas, and the golf course. All of the debris has been cleaned up but what remains of the once stately park is an empty shell of what is used to be.

cp8Old photo snatched from the web showing the past beauty.

cp7One of the stately live oaks still standing.

cp6Road to the museum once lined with live oaks.


cp4This apartment complex is across the street from the park. The complex is only two feet above the water level of the bayou. No wonder this place got flooded.

cp3Former glorious park areas.