266-Hilton Hotel – Chicago

Our first leg of the trip to Greece was Anchorage to Chicago. In Chicago we had a six hour layover. We were switching airlines so couldn’t check in our luggage and thus couldn’t get past security to get to food or comfortable seats. So, I dragged my bag over to the Hilton Hotel, had a nice breakfast, and found a comfortable chair in the lobby to read and nap. I soon fell asleep in the lobby chair and woke up not knowing where I was. All I could see was this carpet all around me and thought I was having a flashback from the 60s (I didn’t think that stuff could stay in your system that long). I at least had the wherewithal to not get out of the chair and start staggering around. It took a few minutes for me to completely come to my senses and realize that I WAS having a flashback to the 60s. It was this carpet that was in the old Fox Theater in Fullerton, CA where I had gone to the movies since I was ten or eleven. I hated that carpet then, and realized I still do. This carpet should be illegal in most states or be required in every home in Texas and Arkansas and should not be around travelers who have had little sleep. Take this as a warning the next time you are at the Hilton Hotel at the Chicago airport, Austin Powers is lurking – shag me baby.