269-Acropolis Theater – Greece

Theatre of Herodes Atticus. This small Roman theatre seats 5,000 spectators and is still in use today. Built y the Roman consul Herodes Atticus between AD 161 and 174, in memory of his wife, the shape was hollowed out of the rocks on the southern slope of the Acropolis.

The semicircular orchestra in front of the stage was repaved with alternating blue and white marble slabs in the 1950s. Behind the stage, its distinctive colonnade once contained statues of the nine Muses.

The whole theatre was originally enclosed by a cedarwood roof that gave better acoustics and allowed for all-weather performances. Today it is used for a range of entertainment, including plays and concerts, both classical and popular. What this really means is, all of the adults on the trip could only remember the Yanni concert from 1993 in this theater. Hadn’t there been anything better since then? Okay, I saw the concert on television too. I give.





Yanni – KILL ME!!!