278-Thermopyles – Greece

Thermopyles is the site of the famous battle inflicted upon us by the movie The 300. It’s no wonder that the Spartans lost against the Persians. The Spartans fought along side 700 soldiers from Thespiai. These Thespians were of little use. Have you ever seen an actor kick anybody’s ass? What the Spartans should have done is get 700 soldiers from the island of Lesbos. Those gals would have come in and taken out all of the Persians and probably the Spartans as well.

You can’t see in the first photo, but there is a large lake about a mile or two away on the right. Back in the day, the lake was up to the side of the road where the arrow is. This made for a very narrow passage way to travel. The mountains on the left are very high and with difficult terrain. So this was the spot to attempt to stop the Persians. Apparently nothing has changed over a few thousand years.

After viewing the site, we watched the movie in the bus. It made a lot more sense.



Lake up to the arrow.