295-Toilet Greek Style

If you have wondered why I have included a photo of a toilet, let me tell you. I am 6’ 2” tall and generally require a medium amount of space in a bathroom, but this room took the cake. I have never experienced a smaller bathroom in my life. I could not turn around in the shower and had to dry myself out in the bedroom. The placement of the toilet was even more disconcerting. From the front of the toilet to the heater coil was about 4” and to the side wall about 3”. Being that the heating coil was about 200 degrees there was no normal way of using this device. Side saddle was problematic because the seat was not bolted down. I didn’t tell anyone on the trip this, but I was trying my best when the seat slipped and I fell into the bowl.

toiletSo this is what is meant by visiting the Oracle.