297-Bring Out Your Dead – Greece

Fresh fish is a big deal in Greece. Such a big deal that there are still street level fish mongers who drive up and down the streets of Kalambaka with super loud PA systems yelling out their wares. I first thought it was a political demonstration since we were advised that the Greeks start as many public demonstrations as the French. The second time I heard this noise I went out to discover this guy in a truck selling fish. Upon hearing his call, people would come out from their upper story apartments and yell to the guy what they wanted. He would package it and run up to their apartment. With this real old-school method I figured it might work in other areas. So I sat out on the sidewalk waiting for the cart to come by with a guy yelling “Bring out your dead.” I guess I’ve seen too many Monty Python movies for my own good.

mongerHis fish must have been fresh since his truck didn’t stink.