39-Holy Grail – Paris, France

I have found the Holy Grail and it’s not where Dan Brown in his book “The Da Vinci Code” claims it is. Dan Brown got close in his book, but close isn’t good enough in the game of “Holy Grail.” One of the Grail’s claimed locations is below the point of the inverted pyramid at the Louvre Museum. I found the pyramid point where hundreds of people were having their photos taken and soon realized the gravity of their mistake. The Holy Grail is not at the point, but at the Virgin Mega store behind the pyramid. I went in to the store and asked to see music from New Orleans. The sales person pointed me to the only New Orleans CD they had – Gatemouth Brown. I truly had found THE HOLY GRAIL!!!!!!!!!


The clue to the Holy Grail’s location.

grail3I have found the Grail!!!!