318-Hydra – Greece

Hydra has been named after the Island’s plentiful waters, which gushed from the founts that existed in the ancient times. Historians mention the island by the name Hydrea. The first residents of the island where called Dryopes. Hydra was used as a service station for the Greek navy, and as a result, it starred in the sea commerce with neighboring countries and in communications. Towards the end of the 18th century, Hydra was blooming in export trade and commerce. It was that time which people of Hydra took advantage of the English-French war and earned for themselves great profits, by controlling the sea commerce. (stolen from the web).

This little quaint island prohibits private vehicles. The only way around the island is on a mule. This island is quiet and peaceful. It was the only place in Greece I saw where I would like to go and not be found.