323-Dog Sledding Championships – Anchorage, AK

The 2008 Anchorage, Alaska Dog Sledding Championships were a very unique event to see for the first time. Around thirty contestants from across North America competed in a three-day 21-mile sprint course through Anchorage. Mushers and their teams raced the course three times and the winner was the least cumulative time. They began the race in downtown Anchorage and because of the global warming problem, had to truck in snow to the downtown area for the event. You might think that because Anchorage is so far north it would get a lot of snow, but you would be wrong. This year snow levels in Anchorage were some of the lowest in recent years.

These sled dogs are bred for one thing and that’s running. They don’t want to do anything else. Before the race, these dogs were all excited that they would be racing soon. They couldn’t wait to get on their harnesses and begin the fun.

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race16Downtown Anchorage.