333-Snowmachining – Alaska

I had my first ride on a snow machine (snowmobiles for you lower 48ers). It was quite an adventure. At my age I do not have the need for speed as the younger folks have. So when I got on the back of the machine for my first ride, the nineteen-year-old driver turned back to and asked, “What’s your speed limit?” “Huh,” “What’s your speed limit?” she asked again. I then got it and replied, “Just don’t kill me.” I didn’t know if 20 MPH was fast on a snow machine or 30 MPH was fast shooting across a snow-covered frozen lake. I had no idea. What I did find out is that 90 MPH will get you air-time as a passenger. I am not a religious person, but I found myself using Jesus’ name too many times as I held on for dear life trying not to soil my multiple layers of winter clothes.

When my first harrowing ride was over – and I was still alive, I got to drive the machine myself. Driving is the most fun of all. I found that 10 MPH through the trees and over hills was fast enough, and that 40 MPH was just fine across the frozen lake.