341-Tang House – Alaska

It’s not what you think. Some of the outlying areas in Alaska don’t have effective zoning and building codes. Property taxes are paid on property that has completed structures on it. As long as your home is not finished, you don’t pay property taxes. So, as you drive around certain areas of the state you see homes that have no siding, an unfinished roof section, or an unframed garage. This is not the result of running out of money, it is the result of poor taxing regulations. It unfortunately makes many areas of Alaska look cheap and low-class. Here is one home I couldn’t pass up. It was the broken-down school bus in the front yard and the former piece of billboard “Tang” sign used for the wall of the shed (or was it the living room), and a half-built log cabin that got my attention. Across the street from this was a $500,000 custom built home. Diversity has it’s benefits – especially in Alaska.


Had this been in New Orleans it would have meant something else.