342-Stranded Boat – Alaska

On March 27, 1964 (Good Friday) a massive earthquake registering 8.6 on the Richter Scale hit the Anchorage area. This quake was the largest to have ever hit the United States in recorded history, and one of the largest known worldwide. Geologically, the effects were widespread and dramatic. Large areas were lifted up or dropped by several feet, landslides were extensive, ground failure led to large fissures in the ground, and landslides into bays caused tsunami damage thousands of miles away. Luckily, the casualties were considerably lighter than might be expected for a disaster of this magnitude. 115 deaths are attributed to the quake. This relatively low number can be attributed to the sparse population of the area and the fact that the quake occurred when most people were at home.

This photo was taken about forty miles from Anchorage. The tsunami that the earthquake created carried this boat inland and deposited it in the middle of a field. In the years since the quake, no one has been motivated enough to remove it. It has resulted in a reminder of the power of Mother Earth, and makes for a cool photo.


Where’s Gilligan when we need him (and the skipper too)?