372-Atigan Pass – Alaska

Atigun Pass is the most treacherous section of the Haul Road. Rising more than 4,600 ft. the road is steep, unpaved, rocky, and unbelievably scary if you were there in the winter. It was even disturbing during the summer. During the winter, the large trucks get in a convoy bumper-bumper train and push each other up over the pass. On the way down the other side they haul-ass and just try to hang on. Major accidents happen here each year. At the restaurant in Cold Foot (half way on the road) there is a bulletin board of photos of many of the horrific wrecks. The regular route for one of these truckers is drive from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay in one day (450 miles in a big rig over the mountains), sleep the night and drive back, sleep a day and do it all over again.




CIMG4651Heading down. Can’t imagine this being an ice road.