375-Prudhoe Bay – Alaska

Prudhoe Bay (Deadhorse, AK) is from where the majority of our domestic oil comes. Oil workers usually work 14 days on (12 hours per day) and then have 14 days off. Many of them live across the US and fly out at the end of each shift. The oil companies have flights that will only take them to Anchorage. It is up to themselves to get home. I have flown on the oiler flights from Anchorage to Houston and have seen more dirty jeans and shirts then I want to. These “Good ol boys” from Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma have had the experience in their own locales of working the crude, but choose to work the North Slope for the $$$. The work is hard and the climate is bitter (up to 50 degrees below zero during the winter) and you are often working outside. Safety is a major issue and thus, alcohol is forbidden. Get caught once and your career is over – black balled from the Slope.

Workers sleep in dormitories or two to a small room in WWII style housing. It’s all about the work here – not fun and games. There is no movie theater here, but your cell phone works.





CIMG4739Another rig site. Those buildings are where the workers stay.

CIMG4738The Christmas Tree – really.

CIMG4735These are the only trees for 300 miles


CIMG4726Luxuriant accommodations were had at the only place non oilers can stay.