384-Lenin – Seattle, WA

Walking through a section of Seattle I came across a large sculpture of Lenin. This wasn’t Berkeley, CA but Seattle, WA. I knew there were old hippies in Seattle abut what was this all about. Well, I found this story on the web along with these photos (mine didn’t come out).

The 16-ft. tall bronze originated in Poprad, Czechoslovakia, where it was first erected in 1988. It tumbled along with other heroic (and out of fashion) statues when the Soviets went down in 1989. For a time, the 7-ton Lenin lay face down in the mud at the Poprad dump — until rescued by American entrepreneur Lewis Carpenter. Carpenter, who admired the artistry, mortgaged his house to buy and transport the statue to Seattle.

Carpenter died in a car accident in 1994. To recover the statue debt, Carpenter’s family made an arrangement to loan it to the Fremont district until a buyer emerged. Asking price: $150,000. In 1995, Fremont put the statue up in the center of town, near a Cold War era rocket also displayed as public art.


A workers party. Now that’s something that could happen in Seattle except it would be on a Friday night and a lot of alcohol would be consumed.


Lenin and tacos. It doesn’t get any better then this.