399-Rollerderby – Anchorage, AK

Yes there is now Roller Derby in Anchorage. This new sensation is sweeping the country and just started in New Orleans when I left there. I had a few friends who were skating and they invited me to come check it out. Over 900 people attended this bout and it was crazy. The girls skate around in a circle waiting to kick the crap out of each other as one of their own laps the pack and passes the opposing team’s players scoring points. There are some big girls on these teams and when them go down – they really go down, often sliding into the audience who are seated in the “suicide section.” When a crash happens it is like a pile-up on an ice cover road with girls in slow motion careening and slipping into a huge pile of testosterone. Yes I said testosterone. Some of these girls could kick your ass and not look back.

When a new girl joins the team she is termed “Fresh Meat.” After training and passing physical and written tests she advances to being a “Cherry Popper.” Once she gets her “cherry popped,” she is an official team member and skates in competition. This is not an event for kids. Everything has double entendre at the minimum and most stuff is just plain out there for laughs. One of the gals has “Spice Rack” as her skating name. I know what weapon she will use to knock out the opposing skaters.

Back in the day growing up in Southern California during the 60s, I watched roller derby from the Olympic Auditorium on KTLA channel 5. It was a hoot watching the LA T-Birds battle the San Francisco Bombers. Oh those were the days of black and white TV.


CIMG5270Here I am with two of the rollergirls. Jenny on the left (46) is a student of mine.

CIMG5267Waiting to get their asses kicked.

CIMG5258Pretty much, the only one standing still is the ref.