4-Sign Language – France

As a teacher I have spent many years communicating new concepts and ideas to people. But nothing prepared me for the experience of being on another planet where the people  look like me, but the sounds coming out of there mouths make no sense. I expected my education and years of communication skills would be an asset to getting my thoughts and ideas across – not so. The people on this planet move their mouths in a similar manner, but what comes out sounds like jabber. And when I move my mouth I apparently sound like jabber – and thus no one has a clue on the communication trail. Growing up as a self-centered egotistical American I expected the rest of the world to be able to communicate with me since I spoke the “master language” – English. Not so Obi won Kenobi.

I was in the French equivalent of a Circuit City store and had to resort to sign language to get what I wanted. The store clerk had to call the  manager who spoke as much English as I spoke French. It was quite a site watching two grown men from different planets figure out which power source I needed for my new tricorder. Mon Capitan Picard would have been proud.