416-Cold – Anchorage, AK

Global warming – global schwarming – it’s f@*#king cold up here. It dipped to 30 below zero last night. My car is plugged and my nards are frozen. I walked out of the gym yesterday and my hair instantly froze. Having just returned from New Orleans and Los Angeles for the Xmas break, it’s just not fair. To drive around in LA the day before with the air conditioning on and then get off the plane in Anchorage at -11 is no wonder I have a cold now. I’m not bitching, just whining. Send me some warm thoughts.


This was the high in Anchorage that week.


This truck said it all.


Local TV weather.

CIMG5417Got enough snow?

CIMG5410Shot of the mountains from campus. Yes it’s that dark when the sun comes out.