One of my students is on the local Anchorage women’s roller derby team and invited me to their fund raising party. So I figured there would be crazy people there and I might fit in. Sure enough, the party was a 80s disco costume affair. I had a real powder blue polyester leisure suit so I wore it with my loudest New Orleans Jazzfest shirt. They had a costume costume contest and I inadvertently got in the finals. The finals consisted of a disco dance-off. So this other guy and I discoed it out. I had done stupid stuff before several thousand people in Paris and had made a fool out of myself numerous times in the past – so this wasn’t anything different. A few minutes before we took the floor the wife of a friend of mine pulled me aside and said I needed this if I was going to represent the 80s. She pulled out a small vial of powder (I didn’t know what she was up to at that moment) and dabbed some white powder on my nose and upper lip. She told me it was baby powder so I chilled out. I ran onto the floor looking like a coked-out 80s rocker. I danced like a fool and won the contest. I was awarded with a meal for two at a local restaurant, a hair cut, and a tee shirt. Overall it was a crazy roller derby night.

Disco Party 4

The DJ liked my outfit so much he had to take a photo with me and send it to him.

Disco Party 3I have no idea who she was.

Disco Party 2Goin’ toe to toe with fuzzball.

Disco Party 1John Revolta never did this move.