419-Musk Ox

You have to know my sister to understand this. When I moved to Alaska she sent me a pillow embroidered with a moose to commemorate all of the moose that are in my yard. Unfortunately, the pillow did not have a moose on it. It had an elk. She figured horns are horns on a beast that large.

This Xmas was no different. To commemorate my trip to Prudhoe Bay and the Arctic Ocean, she gave me a stuffed Musk Ox. Unfortunately she did not realize that a Musk Ox is not a marsupial. They don’t carry their offspring on their backs – or in a pouch. So I now have in my living room the only Musk Ox marsupial in Alaska. You decide for yourself. If you want to see real Musk Ox in the Arctic, click here to go to a previous post.

I wasn’t kidding you – a marsupial, or is that a guinea pig? And yes, those are Mardi Gras beads.

419-Musk Ox2

Receiving my lovely gift.