458-Senor Tango – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina is the Tango capital of the world and of course we had to see some world class Tango. We went to “Senor Tango” which was a history of the Tango from the early slave days all the way to modern times. It featured three orchestras – yes three, guest musicians, thirty dancers, singers, horses, lighting, smoke, moving stages, you name it and it was in this show.  It was the Cirque du Soleil of Argentina. There were a lot of locals at the show so it wasn’t totally a tourist trap. This was very stylized Tango and beyond any Tango most Americans have ever seen. The choreography was sexy, violent, and sensual – all at the same time. It was too much for me. As one local Tango dancer told me, the object of Tango is to move across the dance floor and not get kicked. I’ll stick with swing dancing and the two-step. All of these photos were taken from the “Senor Tango” web site. They wouldn’t allow photos.