471-Mothers – Buenos Aires, Argentina

During the brutal military government of thirty years ago, 30,000 people – mainly young men, were rounded up, tortured, and “disappeared.” Generally this was done by helicoptering them out to sea and pushing them out the door to their deaths – and no potential discovery of the body. These were the “Disappeared.” An example of this brutality, a group of 16 year olds were protesting the hike in bus fares and since they were “trouble makers,” the military government arrested then, tortured them and “disappeared” them. The government henchmen were trained by CIA agents from America in the best ways of torture and how to “disappear” people. Because, the military dictatorship was anti-communist and America supported any means to be anti-communist in those days.

The protests that ensued were by the mothers of these youths who every day for many years gathered at the square and walked around and around. They wore head scarves and painted the scarf emblem on the square in protest. The protests ended after a democratic government tool over, but the memory of their struggle remains in the square.

mothers1Argentine mothers protesting.


Photos of the “disappeared” that were posted in the square. Notice they are all young people.



Sign read “Assisins.”


Notice the painted headscarf on the bricks.