49-Napoleon Tomb – Paris, France

For more than a decade, Napoleon and the armies of France took control of most of Europe by conquest or alliance. Even though he got is ass kicked at Waterloo, the French still love their Napoleon.

There are three tombs under this one roof and it is said that parts of Napoleon’s body are in each tomb.

Behind the tomb is a fabulous French, as well as world, military museum. This museum houses an exquisite collection of armor and weapons spanning many continents and periods of history. The museum also displays a wonderful collection of World War I & II French military uniforms, weapons, and other interesting items.

This site is also a military training facility for the French Army.

nap15France’s finest.

nap14German Enigma code machine – WW II.

nap13Miniature dolls in military uniforms from all over the world.





nap7Mortar with a projectile that is over 30 inches wide.

nap6Armor collection.

nap5Napoleon frequently wore this coat in paintings.

nap5.1You’ve all seen this painting before  – with the coat.

nap4Ceiling above the legs tomb.


nap2Napoleon’s Tomb.