490-Vampires – Barrow, AK

I’m leaving to go to Borrow and my son calls me to see if I was going to visit the vampires that had inhabited the city. I told him I would keep my neck piece on the entire time – joke. The cheesy movie that recently came out made me laugh. Here is a synopsis of the movie:

Vampires flock to Barrow, Alaska where the sun sets for about 30 days, allowing them to feed without the burden of sleep to avoid lethal sunlight. When the vampire elder Vicente learns of this plan, he travels to Barrow to end the feeding, in order to preserve the secrecy of vampires. Because of the cold, the vampires’ senses are weakened and a few of the town’s residents are able to hide. One such resident is Sheriff Eben Olemaun, who saves the town by injecting vampire blood into his veins. He uses his enhanced strength to fight Vicente, saving the lives of the few remaining townspeople, including his wife Stella. Suffering the same weakness as all vampires, Eben dies and turns to ash when the sun rises.

I feeling about this is if I’m going to be sucked to death, it’s not going to be in Barrow, AK.