492-737-400 Combi Airplane

Alaska Airlines has one of the most unique aircraft in all of aviation. I have never seen a plane like this and nor will you. When you realize that everything up north has to be flown in you can understand the need for this odd plane.

The 737-400 Combi is the first of their kind in the world and is uniquely designed to meet the needs of both cargo customers and passengers throughout the state of Alaska

This if the first 737-400 aircraft in the world to be converted from all-passenger to combination cargo-passenger configurations.

The 737-400s’ fixed configurations, which accommodate four cargo pallets and 72 passengers, improve cargo service by guaranteeing consistent cargo capacity on each flight. The original 737-200 Combi had adjustable configurations, which allowed Alaska to change the number of passenger seats and cargo-pallet positions for each flight, but prevented the airline from guaranteeing consistent cargo capacity.

The 737-400 Combi offers improved fuel efficiency, more-advanced flight-guidance systems and upgraded passenger amenities. They are equipped with Required Navigation Performance systems designed to reduce the frequency of weather-related schedule disruptions. The passenger cabins also feature leather seats and larger, standard-sized overhead luggage bins (stole all of that from the Internet).

CIMG6159A smooth ride when your working the North Slope.