498-Run Away, Run Away – Anchorage, AK

Being a new person in Alaska, I have found the need to meet people of like interests. One of the recent Internet resources in many large cities is the MeetUp organization. I have been to a few of the special interest group meetings on such topics as African cooking, travel, hiking, etc. Each person (just like in Facebook) has a short profile that states what they are in to, and I guess it’s like an advertisement (for some) that says, I’m single, would you like to meet me?

Check it out sometime in your area. There are some interesting groups in which you might be interested.


Below is a listing of interests for an woman that would make any guy run away if he knew what he was doing. Alaska is the home of too many crazy, dysfunctional, unhappy, and dangerous women. Apparently now, they are advertising their f@#ked-up-ness.


Run away, run away as fast as you can.