5-Celebration of the Lamb – France

I will try almost any food at least once and tonight was one of those times. I was invited to come along to a birthday party for a child of one of Mohammed’s friends. Everyone there was either from Tunisia or Algeria. There were many family members of all ages. The old grandmothers were in traditional Muslim garb and everyone was extremely nice and invited me to experience their culture. I sat down and the first thing they did was put a plate of food in front of me. I was told it was a traditional meal after the celebration of Ramadan. During this time a lamb is slaughtered and the best meat cuts are used. Nothing is wasted of the lamb, so a few days later all of the remaining parts (and I mean all of the remaining parts) are ground up and mixed with couscous and spices and inserted into the stomach of the lamb and baked. It comes out about the size of a slow pitch softball. You cut it open and the couscous and other things fallout. The entire thing is eaten – stomach sack and all. I asked not to be told what was inside until I had finished my plate. It had a very unique taste and consistency. I would not order it at a restaurant, but would  eat it again if it was offered. I think I will be celebrating the lamb many time while  I am here.