Everybody wanted to see the photos from fishing. Well, here’s the truth. I wanted so bad to tell a great fish story, but I’m not a good liar. There were over twenty five boats on the water with about one hundred fishers. Two fish were caught that day and it just happens that one of those fish was caught in my boat. It’s a 27 pound King Salmon. They get up to 50 pounds. The King Salmon run this season is terrible. Many of the rivers have been closed and the limit is one King Salmon per year. You have to have a special stamp and the fines are large with maybe jail time for poaching or going over your limit. Maybe next time I will finally catch my first fish.

CIMG6450Enjoying the ride on the Kenai River.

CIMG6449Everybody’s fishing and nobody’s catching.


That’s a jumbo fish.
Alright, I didn’t catch it. I just wanted the photo op.

CIMG6408Gotta rub the old man’s fish before you begin.