505-River Dunking – Portage Glacier, AK

So I wanted to have a very restful afternoon. I needed to be by moving water and out in nature and wanted to sit in my chair under a tree and read my magazines. I drove thirty miles south to Portage Glacier area and found Byron Glacier instead. I hiked up with my reading materials and chair and found a tranquil site and set up camp. It was peaceful and relaxing until…

So I’m sitting reading and minding my own business when one of the magazine inserts flies out of the magazine and into the river. I, not wanting to litter, lean over to pickup the floating garbage and my chair tips over belly-flopping me into the river thrashing my elbow and soaking me from head to toe. I got up and what could you do, sat back down and laughed my ass off. Only I could flop myself into a glacier-fed river with all of my clothes on chasing a magazine insert.

CIMG6495On the way to Byron Glacier.




Fell into the river


Sitting by the river.


CIMG6498Location I went swimming trying to save the environment.