524-Laguna Lake – Fullerton,CA

As a kid I had a snapping turtle and piranha fish as pets. When I got a little older I needed to get rid of them. So I took them the local city lake and set them free. Years later I heard stories of many of the fish in the lake floating up to the surface with bite marks on them. I thought it was a cool coincidence and took credit for it from my piranhas. I forgot about the turtle until an article in the local paper was sent to me.

Legend of Monster of Laguna Lake Comes to Life Orange County Register| 9/10/04 | BARBARA GIASONE 

FULLERTON – Rumors swirled around Laguna Lake for 40 years that a vicious snapping turtle named “Old Bob” lurked beneath its water lilies. Turns out the talk was not some exaggerated fish tale. On Thursday, dredging company workers snared the 100-pound snapper near a park dam in the north-central part of the city. A Santa Monica contractor, hired to scoop out fish during a $2 million restoration of the 7-acre lake, netted the 50-year-old, 36-inch alligator snapping turtle along with catfish, crappie and bluegills.

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524-Laguna Lake1Laguna Lake all trimmed and clean.

524-Laguna Lake2

Old Bob. I miss my old snapper.