527-Lakeman’s Market – Fullerton, CA

When I was a kid I used to ride my bike over to Lakeman’s Market everyday after school and plop down my 15 cents for a 16 oz. RC cola and stand there drinking and reading the magazines. Those days are long gone. The demographics have changed in that section of Fullerton and the business is now a Mexican market. The old-style cold-water drink machine is gone and they are now selling items I have never seen before.

I’m not bitching. The world changes in fifty years. To the new store’s credit they have homemade tacos on the weekend – just like a corner Mexican food truck. They had it all, chorizo, beef, pork, tongue & head, and tripe – with all of the fixings. You can bet I ate there several times on the weekend. I got to practice my rusty poquito espanol.

527-Lakeman's Market2

527-Lakeman's Market1