528-Pat Boone

I have taught the history of rock and roll for many years and through those classes have watched Pat Boone as an entertainer in the early 1950s be one of the pivot points for the transition of popular music to rock and roll. My good college buddies Dave Diggs and Dave Siebels have worked with Pat for over thirty years. Many years ago I did some vocal arranging for a radio commercial Pat did for Nancy Reagan. On this past SoCal trip I got lucky and Pat was in the office when I went to have lunch with the Daves. He looked great for 75 and is still up and doing it. I also had to check out the memorabilia.

528-Pat Boone4Them beed the white bucks.

528-Pat Boone3Here’s the photo to prove it.

528-Pat Boone2

Ain’t that a shame, we’re gettin tutti frutti on each other.