533-Nixon Museum – Yorba Linda, CA

The Tricky Dick Presidential Library used to be a private foundation run by Republicans, Tricky lovers, and probably the John Birch Society. It is now run by the Federal Government kind of like a national park, and has a career manager running it who just happens to be a Democrat. There is internal strife between management and the old lady Tricky Dick lover docents. If you say something against Tricky during a tour, they will let you have it. This place has been around for about twenty years and has still to complete the Watergate section of the museum. You get how this is working. Here are some photos.

533-Nixon Museum13

533-Nixon Museum12

533-Nixon Museum11

533-Nixon Museum10

533-Nixon Museum9Tricky, it’s me calling.

533-Nixon Museum8It’s been almost twenty years waiting for this to open.

533-Nixon Museum7

533-Nixon Museum6

533-Nixon Museum5

533-Nixon Museum4

533-Nixon Museum3

533-Nixon Museum2

533-Nixon Museum1

Which one is from outer space?