541-Sprained Ankle – McCarthy, AK

On our glacier hiking adventure we encountered some difficult terrain. This crevasse was about five feet wide, five feet deep with two feet of fast moving glacier water flowing through it. It snaked around to the right of the photo for another hundred yards and dropped into a forty foot waterfall. The jump went from a flat surface to a vertical ice wall. I was supposed to jump and fly my crampons into the wall and Kate our guide would grab me. Sounds easy. My right ankle snapped during this jump and swelled up as if I had gout or elephantiasis. We iced it up (with glacier ice no less) and I had to then hike out two hours still on the crampons.

Later that night I had a nightmare of me falling into the water on my back and shooting around the corner in a water-slide luge ride disappearing over the water fall – never to be seen again. A couple of years ago a student at my university while on a glacier adventure bent over to get a drink from a glacier stream, stumbled and fell in and was swept down and into an ice hole never to be seen again. These ice holes and under-glacier rivers can be 1,000 feet under the ice flow and if you go there you ain’t never coming back. Should’ve had ropes. Oh well, it was an adventure I lived through and have it on tape to remind myself to never do this again.

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