545-McCarthy, AK

McCarthy, AK is in the middle of nowhere. It is accessed by the outsiders via a foot and 4-wheeler bridge only. The forty residents pay $300 per year to access the private bridge down river. Ironically, there is fine dining in this rustic town. You can have a multi-star meal and then hike off to your tent.

545-McCarthy8Down stream to the $300 bridge.

545-McCarthy7Foot bridge to town.

545-McCarthy6From our camp-site looking towards the glacier.

545-McCarthy5One of the cool bridges on the 60-mile dirt road you have to drive to get there.


Petting the OCD dog that only wanted to play stick.


545-McCarthy2This town is a gunslinger’s delight. You could have a great shoot-out here on this street.

545-McCarthy1Original hotel from the mining days of the Kennecott mine five miles up the road.