552-Whittier, AK

My son Chris and I went on an Alaskan adventure vacation to have the glacier experience. We were going to take the ferry from Whittier, AK to Valdez. Our first stop was Whittier. This city was created by the Army during WWII as an ice-free port that was kept secret from the Japanese. A two-mile tunnel had to be constructed through the mountains to access this small sliver of land. It initially had a railroad spur whereby the Army could unload supplies for the war effort in Alaska. It is a creepy little isolated town with a reputation for housing residents who want to be left alone – if you get my drift. I can hear the banjos playing off in the distance. Much of the city is an abandoned Army depot with a huge government building that can’t be demolished because it has asbestos and would all have to be trucked out through the tunnel at an amazing cost. So it stands calling to tourists and thrill seekers who want the scariest experience of their life if they have the courage to enter the facility at night.

The Alaska Marine Highway System begins many of their journeys from this port.

[googlemap width=”620″ height=”480″ src=”https://maps.google.com/maps?q=whittier,+AK&hl=en&ll=60.919755,-148.666992&spn=1.703514,3.746338&sll=60.994423,-148.062744&sspn=3.399884,7.492676&t=h&hnear=Whittier,+Valdez-Cordova,+Alaska&z=8 “]
In relation to Anchorage, AK.

552-Whittier1Waiting to enter the tunnel. One trip in each direction every half hour.


Inside the one-lane 2-mile tunnel.

552-Whittier5Want to be scared? Go in there at night.

552-Whittier3Our ferry backing it in.

552-Whittier4Leaving the dock.