558-Save Our Seas – Homer, AK

While Janine and I were in Homer, AK we participated in the Save our Seas boat ensemble and photo shoot. The objective was to promote the problem that our seas are getting more acidic. This photo shoot featuring over one hundred boats in the shape of a giant SOS was supposed to go smoothly. The morning weather was perfect with blue skies and a few clouds. Five minutes before the shoot, a fog bank blew in and made the shoot quite difficult. The photographers were up in a helicopter trying to peek through the fog after the boats were in position. The “O” in SOS was easy. It was made up of kayaks tied together and anchored. The “S” on either side was made up of some very large fishing and crabbing boats that powered through the “S” for it’s shape. Each “S” had to begin at the same time, go the same speed, and turn in and around a couple of buoys to form the “S” in SOS. We had to do the maneuver six times until the helicopter could see the formation through the fog. As soon as the boats finished, the fog bank quickly left. Ain’t that the way it is.


558-SOS4This is the plan for the boats.


558-SOS13Boats lining up for the formation.

558-SOS12Small boats in the “O”







558-SOS5Leaving the Homer harbor.