587-Topes – Yucatan, Mexico

Driving the back roads of the Yucatan you encounter a village every two miles or so. Prior to entering the village, the government has made sure you slow down and creep through these areas. They have installed car destroying speed bumps called “topes.” Some are metal bumps that can rip off your tire if you go too fast, but most are large humps made of brick that are about five feet across and can range up to 14” high. If you hit one of these at any speed it will rip your car apart. We probably drove on every topes installed in the Yucatan. We eventually started yelling in the car when we saw the sign warning of their installation ahead. The craziest thing is they are installed on the major highways in the middle of nowhere and for no reason. Several times we were driving at 65mph and suddenly would encounter a topes with no warning sign. There was major skidding and cussing.