593-Hotel Burning – Cancun, Mexico

We were resting in the hotel room when suddenly someone ran down the hallway banging on all of the doors and yelling something in Spanish. We immediately thought it to be pranksters. We took out nap and got up to go to downstairs to dinner. We went outside our room and half of the hall lights were out. We went to the elevator and when it finally arrived opened to a dark carriage. We didn’t get it. Some guy comes through the hallway and tells the hotel is on fire. So we go back in the room and I get my small flashlight with which I always travel. We find the stairs and make our way to the lobby where we find it filled with smoke with employees saying get out. So we did. We went outside to the beach restaurant, grabbed a seat by the window and had a great dinner while we waited for the hotel to burn down.

The hotel didn’t burn down after all. The fire in the laundry room just cooked half of the electrical cables for the hotel plus all internet and phone services. It took 4 days to get the smoke out of the hallways and lobby areas.

593-Hotel Burning2

593-Hotel Burning1