594-Television – Cancun, Mexico

The weather turned bad for a time so all you could do was stay inside and watch Mexican television. Here is what I saw.

594-MX Television17The Elian Gonzalez channel. Again, I really mean it.

594-MX Television16And this guy showing you how to put his medicine up your penis with a plastic syringe.


594-MX Television15French game shows.

594-MX Television14Evil voodoo lady.

594-MX Television13BBC World News. Yum.

594-MX Television12The handsome German channel.

594-MX Television11The Fidel Castro channel. I really mean it!

594-MX Television10The confused Italian channel.

594-MX Television9This is wrong. Stars Wars in Spanish no less.

594-MX Television8Weather from around the world.

594-MX Television7The angry German channel.

594-MX Television6Fat and damp. Yikes.

594-MX Television5Mexican version of “Friends.”

594-MX Television4Mexican “Betty Ford” clinic.

594-MX Television3Incessant soccer.

594-MX Television2Mexican nightly news.

594-MX Television1Mexican equivalent of a gay young Regis.