60-You Can’t Beat This Guy’s Meat – Paris, France

A rule of thumb in Paris is whenever you are out walking around and see a crowd forming – go there. There will always be something interesting or crazy going on. This was one of those moments. I was walking down a street by the Centre Georges Pompidou and came upon a crowd watching a performance artist. A young man was on the other side of this glass window and was pushing around a piece of meat on the window with his face. You know what your face looks like when you press is against glass. This young man was making his face look like the piece of meat. As the meat slid down the glass, so did his face. Just as I took out my camera to catch the action, he jumped back as the meat slid down the window. The only photographic evidence that this story is true, is the piece of meat at the bottom right of the glass. I added the red arrow to make sure you wouldn’t miss it.