606-Green Fairy – New Orleans, LA

I received a bottle of Absinthe from a student as a Christmas gift. Not knowing any thing about the stuff Janine and I went to the Absinthe Museum in the French Quarter. We got the whole scoop and purchased some of the equipment to do the deed. For our education, the museum person directed us to the premier Absinthe bar in the French Quarter – Pravda. We told the bar person we wanted to try two different flavors and she didn’t hear us correctly and brought four instead. She said it was our fault so we didn’t get funky with her. So here we are with four Absinthe and the Krewe du Vieux party to go to. We took care of this and the green fairy hit us about the time Dr. John came on the stage.

606-Green Fairy1

The green fairy waiting to make you insane.

606-Green Fairy2

The equipment necessary to mix a good Absinthe.

606-Green Fairy4The bar.

606-Green Fairy5

Holy shit, I’m going to taste that?

606-Green Fairy3What have I done?